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The Three Step Plan for Revolution

The three step plan for the revolution is as follows...​

1. Unplug Ourselves

2. Support Everyone Else to Get Unplugged

3. Create Heaven on Earth

We can take the system down once and for all by stopping the robots defining our reality and then creating our own better reality. Each of these steps occurs simultaneously.

1. Unplug Ourselves

For the revolution to succeed it is essential we purge ourselves of as many of the robot tentacles as we can otherwise we will just keep unconsciously thinking and behaving in ways that keep the Matrix going. Learning to distinguish what we really want and feel versus what the Matrix is making us want and feel is a major challenge where we have to navigate through and unpack a lifetime of brainwashing and relentless conditioning. This is a difficult and ongoing process but incredibly rewarding.

Never ever feel bad for being a human being trapped in a horrible system designed to crush us. Never ever feel like you have failed or there is something wrong with you. You are AMAZING. Having the courage to start unplugging is the biggest act of resistance of them all and everyone benefits from you walking this path. You can do this! Don’t give up!

The most challenging part of unplugging ourselves is grappling with the web of addictions the Matrix has got us all hooked on. We have been taught to numb ourselves with false pleasures to deal with the pain of living in a reality that is hurting and defiling us and our planet. We rely on these poisonous addictive substitutes for the real joy and pleasure we crave and it is a really vicious and difficult system of control to escape from. We long for connection, adventure, self-discovery, fun and meaning and are instead offered social media, gambling, sugar and TV to fill these deep longings. We are kept in a loop of pain and numbing and pain and numbing. Learning to identify the robot tentacles is really important. You need to honestly check in with how things make you feel in your body, heart and soul. You then need to switch out the fake and toxic pleasures for real joys that bring lasting satisfaction and goodness. This journey of healing is a process of learning to immerse yourself into the true joys and pleasures of the world. By healing yourself, you help to heal the world.


The Matrix trains us to be cruel and judgemental to ourselves and each other. Kindness is evil robot overlord poison, embracing love and compassion for yourself and all beings is the most powerful revolutionary act of them all.

For more assistance in the unplugging process visit Handy Tips for Breaking Free from the Matrix.

2. Support Everyone Else to Get Unplugged

The more people there are stuck in the Matrix and doing its bidding the more power the robot overlords have. We have to patiently but persistently try to get out as many people as we possibly can. We do this by holding people in unconditional love. It is not our job to try change or fix anyone and you can use the same approach for everyone you meet making things much more simple and straight forward. You help others to unplug by holding space for them: seeing without judgement, listening without advice and loving without condition. You don’t have to try change anyone, you just have to help create supportive conditions for them to heal and change themselves.

We help other people unplug by offering unconditional love but also providing models of alternative ways of being and refusing to accept the status quo. As you continue on your own unplugging journey you will become increasingly peaceful, joyful and vibrantly alive and people will notice and get curious. You can share with them how great unplugging has been for you which will plant seeds in their own mind. Providing these alternative narratives is so powerful and creates the crack for the light to get in and ignite the imagination.

Blaming and shaming and judgement are toxic Matrix poisons and just drive people deeper into the robot tentacles. Never ever look down on someone for being stuck in the Matrix, we’ve all been there and it’s not our fault, it’s the robot overlords. The Matrix relies on turning us against each other, don’t play that game!!!

If you are dealing with someone who is spewing Matrix assumptions and poison at you, take a deep breath and remember they are a human just like you. Hold space for them. Share your truth with an open heart and don’t get sucked into a conflict. Walk away if it is harming you. All behaviours are an attempt to meet a need. Look at the underlying need rather than the behaviour and respond to that instead. This battle is fought on an energetic level. Your demeanour can be so much more powerful than words. By holding people in unconditional love you give them the boost of empowering energy they need to break free and unplug in their own way.

Everyone’s healing journey will be different and you don’t have to walk the path for anyone else. You just have to be patient and kind and by doing so you create the conditions that empower them to pull out the robot tentacles themselves.

3. Create Heaven on Earth

The most exciting part about unplugging from the Matrix is realising that we have the power to make the world of our dreams right here, right now. The miserable and broken world we see today is a product of robot overlord thinking. If we take actions based on a different set of assumptions an entirely different kind of reality becomes possible. Human creativity is an unlimited resource. Love is an unlimited resource. The Earth has incredible powers of regeneration and the potential for ever renewing abundance. We can take all the best parts of being human beings of this Earth and create lives rich with beauty, meaning, joy and abundance, if we so choose.


The focus on pleasure, desire, aliveness, and joy offers a guideline for work. Amid all the doom-laden exhortations to change our ways, let us remember we are striving to create a more beautiful world, and not sustain, with growing sacrifice, the current one. We are not just seeking to survive. We are not just facing doom; we are facing a glorious possibility. We are offering people not a world of less, not a world of sacrifice, not a world where you are just going to have to enjoy less and suffer more – no, we are offering a world of more beauty, more joy, more connection, more love, more fulfilment, more exuberance, more leisure, more music, more dancing, and more celebration. The most inspiring glimpses you’ve ever had about what human life can be – that is what we are offering.”

– Charles Eisenstein

What makes you come alive? What matters to you? What sets your soul on fire?

Take inspiration from all the amazing and beautiful things already happening around the world. Dream big and let life and love fill you up. The revolution is already underway and the end of the Matrix is much closer than it seems. We just have to remember who we are and what we are capable of and hold the vision for everyone we meet. The renaissance of humanity is upon us. We all have special gifts to share with the world and our own unique way of contributing to this great work. What makes your heart sing? Go do it! And by expressing your true self you serve the community and help create the Heaven on Earth that is our birth right.


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What would Heaven on Earth look like to you?

Let's make it happen

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