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Spoiler alert: Breaking Free from the Matrix is really fun!



Spoiler alert: Breaking free from the Matrix is really fun!


Our Current Situation

We all feel something’s not right with the world today. Beneath the buzz, beneath the chatter, there’s a feeling of dis-ease. We can feel in our bones that something is not quite adding up.

Is this really all there is? We just work and shop, work and shop until we die? The economy should just keep growing like a cancer cell until everything sacred and beautiful is dead and gone? That our destiny is to be the destroyers of the Earth? That our lives have no deeper purpose and being sick, sad and anxious all the time is just what it means to be alive? That the annihilation of our children’s futures is what we call ‘progress’? That it’s okay that our food is giving us cancer and our air is too polluted to breath? That everywhere is burning and flooding and being smashed to bits by super storms and we’re being told to shut up and not worry about it because everything is fine? That it’s normal to be so stressed and busy all the time we never get the chance to see our families or enjoy the lives we’ve been working so hard for?

​Damn right something’s not right here, we’ve all been caught in the dark spell of the Matrix. Unfortunately, it turns out evil robot overlords have weaved a web of illusions to keep us locked compliantly in their cage. From the moment of our birth we’ve had vicious robot tentacles buried deep in our bodies and brains controlling what we think. We have been stripped of our ability to feel and dream and imagine. The Matrix has brainwashed us all into doing gross and degrading things that are damaging our bodies and souls. We’ve been indoctrinated into a system of confusion and exploitation that is killing us and our planet. Everywhere you look you see broken down people and a desecrated Earth. It is a terrible and tragic state of affairs that sucks on every level. The system is designed to rob us of our humanity. It is a prison for our minds. It constrains our ideas of what is possible and what it means to be alive. It keeps us reliant on a toxic system and robs us of our ability to take care of ourselves and our communities. It atrophies our bodies, minds, skills and connections. It makes us feel helpless and treats us like machines. But we are human beings! We were born to live, to love, to dance, to create, to collaborate, to express our unique truths and gifts in service to the whole. We are here to love the Earth not destroy the Earth.

​The good news is we don’t have to put up with this nonsense anymore. It’s time to throw off the shackles and bring in the dawn. The robot overlords want us to think there is no hope. To think that humans are stupid, selfish and will never change. They want us to feel powerless. But we are not!!! Each of us holds the seeds for evolution. We are all part of the problem and part of the solution. Come together children of the Earth, our time has come.

How Does the Matrix Work?

The Matrix works by keeping us disconnected from each other and making us feel lonely and afraid. We have been stripped of our ability to tune in to our hearts, our souls, our bodies, our fellow humans and our Earth. This is devastating for the functioning of the human organism that has evolved to be guided and nurtured by these things. That’s why everyone is feeling so sad and lost and angry all the time, we’re trapped in a system designed to turn us against our home, our friends and everything that makes us human and it feels really painful and confusing. The Matrix teaches us humans are stupid and selfish and can’t be trusted. We are made to feel scared and powerless and alone in a world where the only way to bring yourself up is to bring someone else down. It wants us to see the problems of the world as a matter of individual choice rather than the product of the toxic system created to control and enslave us. We’re made to judge each other. We’re made to feel bad about ourselves and hate ourselves when we are all human beings deserving of love and kindness. We are made to feel like there’s something wrong with us but actually it’s the shitty soul and planet destroying system we’re living in that’s wrong. The Matrix wants us to go to war against ourselves, to think that we’re not good enough, that we are bad people living in a bad world. We are left unable to see the truth of the divine and powerful beings that we really are. Women especially are taught to hate and distrust their bodies because they contain incredibly potent wisdom and magic with the power to destroy the Matrix and heal the Earth and its people. The system works by robbing us of our most precious gifts as human beings. This then makes us easy prey for their lies and illusions.

We are made to keep go go going all the time and kept in a perpetual state of fight or flight that makes us feel edgy and under attack. The Matrix wants us tired, stressed and exhausted desperately seeking pleasure and comfort and some kind of release from this nightmare. And instead of real comfort and pleasure, they offer us a cornucopia of toxic and addictive substitutes instead. These robot tentacles are devastatingly addictive and destroy bodies and souls. They create hungers that can’t ever be satisfied. They are a critical part of keeping us locked in their system.

Are we choosing to compulsively smoke the cigarettes that we know will make us die a terrible death? To eat addictive poison laden processed foods that are destroying our body’s ability to function? To spend hours and hours on an app designed by an algorithm to hook our attention and never let us go?

The worst form of prison is the one where you don’t even realise you’ve been imprisoned. The system is designed to keep us too confused, distracted and exhausted to notice what’s going on. It promises that if you just be quiet and do as you are told then everything will be okay. We are kept constantly hyper-stimulated so there’s no opportunity to take a deep breath and have a good think about things. The Matrix constrains our imaginations and our abilities to envision other alternatives. We are told there is no way out and this is just the way that it is. It prevents us from imagining other realities thus restricting the possibilities we realise we have available to us. It wants us to think it is inevitable and okay to live in a poisoned and miserable world. IT IS NOT.

The Matrix has tricked us into going to war with ourselves, each other and the Earth instead of it. The robot overlords have been engaged in generations of vicious psychological warfare to control our minds and bodies with their toxic tentacles and none of us are immune to their traps. If you’re ever feeling sad or bad about yourself or the world, that’s because that’s how the Matrix wants you to feel – don’t give in. 

We are not the problem here. This crappy system is the problem. It’s time to take it down and rewrite this story.


Life in the Matrix... We all deserve so much better than this.

How Do We Get Unplugged?

Respect, Integrity, Curiosity, Determination

We have to patiently pull out each robot tentacle one by one. We have to heal the wounds that the tentacles have been masking and feel into the dark and uncomfortable places. It is painful and difficult but so relieving and rewarding and once they’re gone you don’t miss them at all because they were actually really uncomfortable and sucking the life out of you. It gets easier and easier over time and you will keep feeling better and better as you go.

We have to hold each other with patience and compassion as we embark on this journey of healing. None of us chose to be born into this toxic system controlled by evil robot overlords. We’ve all had these tentacles stuck in us since birth and taught to rely on them for comfort and pleasure. They affect our behaviour and perspectives in deeply rooted ways so we have to be really gentle with each other in the unplugging process. People can be very reluctant to give up these things they depend on and get upset when you try pull them out and that’s okay. We were all born with these tentacles already stuck in us and trying to undo a whole lifetime of conditioning, it’s deeply challenging work. People can feel ashamed and embarrassed to realise they’ve been tricked into doing gross things this whole time. But it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, we’re all in the same boat and it’s not our fault we’ve all been getting preyed on by evil robots. Blaming and shaming each other is exactly what the robots want us to do. You can politely point out the tentacles to people but if they’re not ready to hear then keep holding them in love and offering nicer alternatives for pleasure and comfort than toxic robot tentacles. Sometimes the robots can take control of us and you’ll find the Matrix talking back to you instead of the human, in which case don’t give them what they want and get caught in a fight. To get through this we have to be patient and kind but also fiercely determined and refuse to let the robots win. The robot tentacles are sneaky, vicious and relentless and can be hard to detect unless you’re looking closely. The robot tentacles destroy our bodies and minds and ability to resist – that’s how you can tell a tentacle. They make us do things that hurt and kill us and our world and make us feel gross. We need to work together to get them out so we can heal.

Our bodies, hearts and souls are our key tools for successful robot tentacle detection and elimination.

How can you tell if something’s a robot tentacle or not?

  • It makes you hungrier and always want more, you can never reach a point of satisfaction

  • It hurts body, mind or soul

  • It leaves you depleted over time

  • It turns you against yourself, other people or the Earth

  • It robs you of your vitality and humanity

  • It makes you feel empty or anxious in someway

  • It comes with unpleasant side effects

  • It sucks up your time and attention so you don’t get the things you really want done and distracts you from your soul work


Questions to Ask...

  • How does this make me feel in my heart? In my body? In my soul?

  • Does this make me feel nourished and satisfied or depleted and hungry for more?

Examples of some of the most common and dangerous robot tentacles currently plaguing our world are gambling, TV, social media, processed foods, tobacco/vaping, alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, shame and judgement but there are many other varieties out there. The tentacles maliciously prey on the most intimate places of the human psyche and we are all vulnerable to their tricks. They may take the form of behaviours or thought patterns. Many tentacles may be completely invisible to us until we are ready to look at them.

The moment you unplug is the moment you say screw you robot overlords I’m not letting you control me anymore! I’m going to free myself from every last one of your nasty tentacles and live a dignified and joyous life as a human being of this Earth.

The wonderful news is that after you unplug you discover the infinite abundance of real joy, comfort and pleasure awaiting us on the other side that feels a million times better than any toxic Matrix substitute. The process of healing brings so much peace and relief. All the infinite beauty and delight of the real world is right there waiting for us to come home. It’s time to work together and create the Heaven on Earth that is our birth right.


How Do We Take Down the Matrix and Create Our New Reality?


The robot overlords rule through division. Unity will be how we overthrow the system and create a new world. A world of love and joy and creativity, where people are free to express their unique essence and soul gifts in service to the community. The Matrix is reliant on turning us against each other instead of it, don’t give in to its tricks and stand together in solidarity with your fellow human beings. We are all in this together, it’s humans and the Earth versus the Matrix.

We are all amazing beings; it is the system that sucks not us. Humans have incredible intelligence and creative potential. We are innately compassionate. We were made to love the Earth and each other, it is coded into our DNA. We are soft warm cuddly organisms not cold hard unfeeling machines. The glorious possibility we are facing right now is the birth of a beautiful world created by humans instead of robots. A world where we celebrate all the joy and magic of being alive on this Earth. A world fuelled by love. A world of connection and celebration, of adventure and fulfilment and wonderment. Instead of getting sucked dry by evil robots we can have fun, love each other and create beautiful things like we were always meant to do.

To take down the Matrix and create a new reality we need to reclaim what makes us human. The things that really bring us joy and pleasure are our guiding lights to the truth we seek. Instead of toxic robot tentacles we can find nourishment in the real comforts and pleasures of life such as hugs, sunsets, growing things, sharing, caring, and serving our community. We must honour and celebrate all the things that make us different from the machines: our compassion, our creativity, our humour, our imagination. We need to regain our abilities to feel and dream. We need to reconnect to the beautiful and sacred. We need to learn to live wild and free as creatures of this Earth again. We need to come home to our bodies and their wisdom. We need to support each other in expressing our unique soul gifts in service to the whole. We need to learn to tune in to what truly feels good for us as an organism. We need to focus on all that brings us together rather than the forces trying to drive us apart. Love is our superpower in this effort. Love for ourselves. Love for each other. Love for our planet. Love is how we will make it through.

We have the power, we have the choice. We can do this humanity.

Let’s say YES to love

Let’s say YES to life

And say NO to the robot overlords.

Our time has come children of the Earth. Let the love revolution begin.

Check out our three step plan for taking down the robot overlords here.


Image by Mona Caron

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