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Join Us!

Viva la revolution!


The moment you decide you are done letting the Robot Overlords tell us all what to do and ready to live in a world made by humans instead of cruel machines you are the Resistance.

The Resistance means  stopping the Robot Overlords defining our reality and then creating our own better reality. To take down the Matrix once and for all we need to work together to unplug ourselves, help everyone else get unplugged and create Heaven on Earth (as per our three-step plan for revolution). There is lots to be done and the great news is it is all way more fun and fulfilling than getting sucked dry by evil robots so there is only goodness to be gained from joining this revolution. By healing yourself you help heal the world and every time you refuse to play the robot overlord's game of misery and meanness you are making a difference. Join forces with your friends and community, spread the word and do this work in whatever way feels good and right and true for you.

We are just getting started and we need your unique skills, ideas and energy to bring the dream to life. To change everything we need everyone and that means you ♥ Reach out at with any thoughts, comments, questions and ideas, we would love to hear from you.

Be kind to yourself, be kind to everyone else and never give up on the dream. Keep spreading the word to everyone you can and we are all going to make it through just fine.

We are the people, now is the time. Let's do this!

We have the power!!! ♥

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