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Handy Tips for Breaking Free from the Matrix



Humanity is currently under the control of robot overlords who have created a prison for our minds that keeps us stuck in a miserable reality that is destroying us and the planet. It sucks on every level and it’s time to do something about it. A beautiful new world is ours for the shaping if we can hold the vision and remember how amazing humans and the Earth really are.

Once we understand how the Matrix operates it no longer holds power over us. The Matrix rules through division. It is designed to turn us against each other instead of it. It works to keep us too busy and distracted to figure out what’s going on because if we realise how amazing and magical humanity and the Earth really are their system of control falls apart. The Matrix tricks us into abusing our bodies, minds and souls and thinking that we like it and it’s what we really want. It offers us fake addictive substitutes for real comfort and pleasure that leave us chasing our tails and never able to be satisfied. It robs us of our most profound gifts as human beings. It makes us hate ourselves and each other when we’re actually awesome and it is the Matrix that sucks.

The good news is human beings are way smarter than the robot overlords and we have the power to break free from their nightmarish reality using our special human superpowers of compassion, creativity, collaboration, love, feeling and deep imagination. Let’s do this!

Some Handy Tips for Breaking Free from the Matrix

Refuse to be divided. Remember what we have in common not the false divisions they are using to try tear us apart. We are all human beings who have the capacity to feel and to love and to change. We all want to love and be loved. Nobody wants to suffer. Love every human being as your brother and sister. We all deserve the same dignities and respect. We are all friends and allies in this effort to take down the Matrix. Coming together in solidarity as people of this planet is the only way we get out of this mess. Every time we turn on each other instead of the system we play right into the robot overlord’s hands. In the arena remember who the real enemy is! It’s not humanity, it’s the Matrix!

Embrace the journey of healing and the treasures waiting to be discovered. While the journey of healing can be very painful as wounds are brought to the surface it is also exhilarating as you rediscover your aliveness and the gifts that were hidden in the wounds. With every robot tentacle you pull out and step you take forward into healing you reclaim more and more of your power and vitality.

Practice the art of holding space. See without judgement, listen without advice, love without condition. People will see the truth in their own time as they’re ready to heal. Your job isn’t to fix or change people, but to help support them as they heal themselves. There’s a lot of wounds to be uncovered and the more care we can offer each other the better. Helping people feel unconditionally seen and held in this process of transformation is magic medicine of incredible potency.

Understand the system we’re dealing with and refuse to play its game. Humans can either operate in a love or a fear-based reality. We each have a switch on our hearts than be set to either love or fear which can be flipped at anytime. Fear based conditioning is how the robot overlords maintain their power. They thrive by making us feel scared, distrusting and like there’s not enough love to go around. This makes us withdraw from each other and feel really insecure that our basic needs will be met. This is the fear-based reality. In contrast in a love-based reality we understand love is an infinitely renewable resource that can never be taken away from us. The Matrix survives only by making us feel lonely and afraid, we break free as soon as we recognise love is the underlying glue that holds the universe together and flows through all things. Refuse the myth of separation and embrace the story of interbeing. Love is a much more powerful force than fear and the home of miracles. Fear and insecurity and their associated behaviours come from the feeling of a lack of love and can thus be healed by love. Love is always the answer, especially when it’s difficult. Refuse to act from the story of fear and let love move you instead.

Question the system’s operating assumptions. Observe the Matrix at work and see if it makes any sense to you. See the sadness and anxiety on people’s faces. The uncertainty, the pain, the confusion. See the beautiful places and creatures of the Earth being destroyed and our planet becoming uninhabitable. Everyone is working so damn hard yet things keep getting worse and worse. Why are we doing this again? What is the point of having all this stuff if everyone is sick and sad and exhausted? Do we actually need more things or have we got enough already? Is it actually a good idea to keep working ourselves to death while killing the planet? Do we have other alternatives available to us? Keep asking the questions until you find the truth beneath the illusions.

Question the narrative. The stories we are told in the media and society are often based on the assumptions pushed by the robot overlords such as industrial consumerism is good, people are selfish and the world is a violent and dangerous place. These assumptions create a particular kind of narrative and understanding of how the world works, but this is only one kind of story and not necessarily correct. Critically evaluate any information that is being fed to you and don’t take things at face value. Consider what assumptions the story you are being told is built on. When you watch the news consider what is shaping their description of reality. How does that influence what is framed as important and true and what the range of possibilities are? What narrative emerges if you change the underlying assumptions? What other stories and explanations are possible?

Don’t blame and shame. None of us chose to be born into this toxic system and we’re all dealing with a lifetime of wounding and brainwashing that deeply influences our beliefs and actions. We had no way of knowing what was going on or that our behaviours have been maliciously programmed by robot overlords. Don’t go around thinking and acting like someone is lesser than you because they haven’t unplugged and are still stuck in the system and doing what the robots say. It’s not anybody’s fault we’re in this mess and tearing each other down and blaming each other instead of the system is exactly what the Matrix wants to do. Always remember everyone can change and everyone can heal and hold that vision for everyone you meet. Feeling judged is a horrible thing and making people feel bad just drives them further into the tentacles of the Matrix instead. Don’t blame and shame, educate and empower instead.

Be kind to yourself. The Matrix works by making us hate and doubt ourselves. It makes us waste our time worrying about imagined imperfections rather than seeing the truth that we are all special and beautiful in our own unique way. It makes us compare ourselves to other people and torture ourselves trying to conform to some impossible standard that nobody can ever meet. We are all deserving of love and kindness and you are amazing just the way you are. Talk to yourself the way you would someone you love. Remember every moment of every day you are an amazing, beautiful, magnificent creature of the Earth. You have nothing to feel bad or embarrassed about, it’s just the poison of the Matrix they’ve been injecting us with since the moment we were born messing with you. If you ever notice yourself feeling sad or bad about yourself realise wait a second this is the Matrix making me feel bad and I refuse to let them control me anymore.

Be kind to each other. None of us chose to be born into this traumatic and toxic system with robot tentacles stuck into us from the moment of our birth and it’s horrible for all of us. People have been brainwashed and wounded and are acting from this place of pain and illusion. We take down the Matrix by holding each other with love and compassion. We are all wounded and all trying to heal from the psychological warfare we’ve been subjected to. Let’s cut each other a bit of slack as we make our way through this. You don’t know what someone’s gone through to make them act in that wounded way, a little bit of empathy goes a long way. Treat other people the way you would like to be treated, we’re all human beings at the end of the day and love is the greatest healing balm of them all. Look into people’s eyes and smile and let them know they’re not alone and you are here for them.

Appreciate just how amazing human beings really are. Every human being holds the capacity for incredible feats of courage, intelligence and creativity. This is a fact the Matrix actively tries to hide from us because if we realise and act from our true potential their system of control will collapse. Think about all the spectacularly amazing things we’ve managed to pull off as a species and know we are capable of anything we put our mind to. Think about all the incredible works of art you have experienced in your life that have moved and inspired you. Reflect on all the people who have devoted their life to the service of their community and the greater good because they couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Give thanks for the countless people right now who are giving their all to saving species from extinction, regenerating the Earth and helping their follow beings in any way that they can. Think about all the people in your life that love and support you, who make you laugh, who amaze and delight you. Humans are incredible creatures of incredible power, don’t let the robot overlords try to tell you otherwise.

Learn to distinguish between real and fake pleasures. Matrix illusions create an underlying feeling of dis-ease, discomfort and negative feeling. In contrast truth makes you feel happy, energised and at peace. Real food explodes with flavour that comes from our body detecting and recognising the essential building blocks of life. Fake food explodes with flavour that hijacks your brain and tricks your body into compulsively ingesting toxic chemicals. Both will set off your brain’s pleasure centres, but only one will keep you feeling good and give you long lasting satisfaction after the initial high fades. Real pleasures bring only goodness, fake pleasures cause suffering for people or planet. Once you’ve experienced the difference the fake pleasures and the harm they cause doesn’t feel so pleasurable anymore.

Reconnect to your body and its wisdom. Our bodies are repositories of incredible wisdom and that’s why a key plank of the Matrix is making us distrust and hate them. We are taught to torture and ignore our bodies and everything they try to tell us. Our body has finely tuned systems evolved over billions of years to communicate to us exactly what we need to thrive. Our ability to feel emotions evolved to help give us important feedback about our environments and behaviours. Notice how things make you feel and lean into and explore these feelings. Notice that weird rush of adrenaline and unconscious anxiety bubbling beneath the surface as you scroll on a screen. Pay attention to the reactions of your stomach to a meal. Our body is giving us constant feedback about what truly feels good and what is a toxic robot tentacle. Instead of noticing and responding to this feedback we are then encouraged by the Matrix to try shut it up with pharmaceuticals. Our intuitive powers are also expressed through bodily sensations. If you never listen to your body, you never get to hear all the helpful and amazing things it’s trying to tell you so you can live your best possible life.

Politely but firmly point out the tentacles when you see them. The Matrix wants us to say nothing and look the other way when we notice a loved one is covered in robot tentacles that are sucking the life out of them. It’s not kind to look away when you see someone suffering and you can help set them free. With compassion and empathy point out the tentacle and ask if there’s anything you can do to support them in pulling it out. Never ever respond with judgement or any blaming or shaming, that only drives people deeper into the tentacles of the Matrix. Don’t let people drown in denial, keep going with patience and kindness to help them get free whenever they’re ready.

Rediscover natural cycles. Our ancestors lived and celebrated according to the dance of the moon and the sun. It is thrilling watching the ebb and flow of the sun and the moon throughout the year and the shifting of the energies. The Matrix is designed to completely cut us off from the magic of nature and live in linear time that is always marching us steadily toward our doom. Embrace and love the power of the cycles, the movement between the summer solstice of peak energy and the winter solstice time of renewal and rebirth. Celebrate the lunar calendar, the moon’s gorgeous dance between full power and the fertile void performed in our skies every day of every month. Delight in and celebrate the changes of the seasons and their special qualities.

Connect to the wonders of the Earth. Remember you have an ancestry billions of years long and that you are living breathing stardust with infinite creative potential. Life is a miracle. You are a miracle. Celebrate the incredible fact that we’re all alive right here, right now against all impossibilities. The Earth has faced disaster after disaster and no matter the challenge life has found a way to survive and regenerate better than ever. The Earth is the greatest artist of them all, with the power to create oceans, volcanoes, thunderstorms, butterflies, dinosaurs and constantly evolving into amazing new forms. It is a magnificent marvel to be alive on this Earth and every day is a blessing waiting to be discovered. Allow yourself to be filled up with natural energies that invigorate and empower. Soak in all the mystery and magic of our wonderful living world and let yourself marinate in awe.

Remember your power. Refuse to be made to feel powerless or helpless. You can do anything you put your mind to and that includes taking down the Matrix. Anything made by human beings can be changed by human beings. That means me and you. The system relies on making us all think we are powerless so there’s no point even trying, but that’s not true. Shine bright and step into your power as the magnificent and divine creature of the earth you are and be the change you want to see in the world.

Discover your soul gifts and share them with the world. Diversity is our great strength as a species. The human world is like any ecosystem where each organism plays its own role and serves the community by expressing its unique essence that only it can give. Every human has something special to offer to the collective but we’re born into a system that forces us into boxes and stops us discovering and sharing our truth. What is the song your soul longs to sing? Sing it! Look up the work of Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute for further assistance.

Listen to your heart. You know inside what feels right and what feels wrong. Trust in the wisdom of your heart and let it guide you to truth. The heart is the bearer of powerful intelligence and science is only just beginning to discover how much it knows. Recent discoveries are showing it has as much influence over the body’s systems as the brain and gut. Your heart is your very own personal compass out of the Matrix.

Let joy lead the way to freedom. Learn to tune in to what feels good for you as an organism. Slow down, breathe deeply and really check in with how things are making you feel in body, heart and soul. Do I feel good right now? Relaxed? Exhausted? Sad? What sets your senses tingling and delight coursing through your veins? Notice the play of sensations and follow your bliss as the path to freedom. What really makes you come alive? Go do it and love every minute of being alive and free on this Earth.

Frolic in the pleasures of love. Embrace the fact love is the most pleasurable activity of them all. It has been scientifically proven that nothing feels better for a human being than expressing and receiving love. The problems we face today all come down to a lack of love. Love is the healing balm that can fix it all and we need as much as we can get. And luckily it feels incredibly good to love as fully and deeply as you can so it benefits you as much as anyone else. It is what we were born to do, to passionately love the Earth and each other and our biology rewards us richly for doing it. Practice sending love to everyone you meet and see how amazing it feels. There is literally an infinite amount of love available for us to tap into and the more you give, the more you get. Love is the most abundant and enjoyable resource we have, make the most of it.

See all beings as their highest expression. When you interact with someone practice seeing them as their highest self. See their innate intelligence and beauty. By doing this you help them to become it.

Enjoy the walk. Walking places allows you to enjoy moving at human pace and immerse yourself in the real world. The world is a fascinating place filled with lots of little details and events you can only discover by slowing down and looking around. Walking creates chances to interact with other humans and the wonders and mysteries of the world. Your body is able to relax into its natural groove. It feels super nice and is what we evolved to do in contrast to roaring around in the bubble of big metal machines that disconnect us from our surroundings.

Disconnect to reconnect. Humans lived for millions of years going outside technology free and you can do the same. Enjoy the peace of putting your phone on flight mode or leaving your phone at home knowing there is nothing to distract you from enjoying that sweet present moment. What is going on right here, right now? What are the smells, the colours, the sounds? Give the gift of your full and undivided attention to the people you’re with. Give yourself the gift of uninterrupted immersion in the delights of the real world.

Reconsider urgency. Do we really need to see this right now or can it wait until later? Will anyone die if you reply in two hours instead of two seconds?

Reclaim your ability to feel and imagine. Deep feeling and imagination are two of our most fundamental gifts as human beings which the Matrix has done everything it can to destroy. From childhood the system works to severely stunt our emotional growth and limit our opportunities to exercise our imaginations. We have lost our ability to commune with the mysteries of nature cutting us off from the muses and all the magic waiting there to be discovered. This inhibits us from being able to develop the creative and innovative solutions we need to solve our current issues. The good news is these essential skills can be regained with practice as they are an innate part of our being lying there dormant waiting to be called upon. Draw, dream, discover, make art, play, explore, wander into the wildness and see what you find. Learn to tap into and express your feelings in healthy ways. Check out the book Wild Mind by Bill Plotkin for excellent advice in this process.

Celebrate every step on the journey. It is tough and bruising pulling out all the robot tentacles and you should feel so proud with every effort you make. Don’t worry or feel down on yourself if you have a setback, just dust yourself off and keep moving forward one step at a time. Reflect on how far you’ve come not how far we have to go. You are doing amazing, keep going!

Dream big. Once upon a time not that long ago people were able to live fulfilling, enjoyable lives of abundance while breathing clean air and drinking pure water. We can get there again. For every problem we are currently faced with a solution exists. We don’t have to invent a new technology, we just have to remind people who they really are and what we are capable of. The two most unlimited resources we have are human creativity and love. Don’t let the Matrix tell you things are impossible, of course they’d say that, they’re the Matrix! Vision a beautiful Matrix free future and make it a reality. Enjoy the life of your dreams. We can do this!

Spread the word. Humanity and the Earth are in trouble right now but we can make it through if we all stick together and commit to joining forces to take down the Matrix. It makes no sense to have evil robot overlords telling us what to do and destroying our planet and once it’s been pointed out the insanity of the lies they’ve been telling us are obvious. Keep having conversations and let people know what’s up. The more people we can break free from the robot tentacles the better. The more people we can unplug, the more powerful the Resistance gets and the closer we get to freedom. It’s time for the love revolution and to take down the Matrix once and for all.

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