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What is the Matrix? I haven’t seen the movie.

Okay, well you should definitely watch the movie as it’s actually a real-life documentary and explains so much. In the classic 1999 film it turns out what we thought was the real world is actually an artificial reality called ‘the Matrix’ created by machines to control us. The protagonist wakes up in a pod to discover evil robot tentacles jammed into all his orifices sucking his life force and that every other person in the world is in the same boat.

And it turns out this is exactly the situation we’re in too. We thought we were born into the real-world making decisions using our own free will and all the sadness and pain everywhere is just the way things are. Instead it turns out we’ve all been born into an artificial robot overlord controlled reality and have all had evil robot tentacles jammed into us controlling what we think and feel from the moment we were born. What we thought was reality is actually a prison for our minds designed to control us and stop us rising up against the robot overlords.


The only thing that the movie the Matrix gets wrong is that in the film the characters wake up to discover everything is destroyed and the real world is way more depressing than the fake world of illusions created by the robot overlords so a lot of people choose to just stay in the Matrix instead of unplugging. The great news is in our reality the real world is WAY better than any fake reality dreamed up by the robot overlords. Choosing to unplug from the Matrix means choosing a life of joy, pleasure, connection and meaning that feels incredible on every level. Goodbye misery and meanness, hello truth, beauty and fun.


​​​​Who are the Robot Overlords?

The robot overlords are a metaphor for the cultural and philosophical systems of separation that have been steadily taking over the world in recent human history. These systems have now also manifested into literal evil robot overlords in the form of machines controlling us and people who think like machines controlling us.


The robot overlords are created and driven by a way of thinking that denies everything that makes us human and refutes our fundamental dependence on the Earth and each other for our health, happiness and very existence. This is why there is so much violence and misery around and our planet is dying. We are being made to live and think like we are cold unfeeling machines when we are actually warm loving human beings.

Humanity’s problems started the moment we began thinking we are separate from the Earth and each other. The philosophical rupturing of our connections to the natural world and our fellow beings has left us lonely, angry, afraid, and unable to function in a healthy way. The robot overlord way of thinking relies on turning us against each other and denying our common humanity. These robot overlord systems of thinking have evolved into different forms over time such as neoliberalism, colonialism, patriarchy etc but are all based on the same problematic assumptions of separation, competition and power over which results in selfishness, greed and violence. In the modern era this way of thinking has turned itself into literal evil robot overlords controlling our world. We now have predatory algorithms that are machines controlling us. We also have predatory people who think like machines controlling us. Power has become incredibly concentrated in the hands of a few who have profound influence on how culture is shaped and the assumptions that inform how we understand the world. These people with robot minds control the media, the world’s resources and infrastructure and shape the way we think in profound ways. Everyday we are exposed to a barrage of brainwashing that bends us into their way of thinking. This is the Matrix.

This also means any of us can be robot overlords without even realising it. Whenever we act based on these ways of thinking, we are a robot overlord. We police each other into submitting to the Matrix and work away keeping it operational. And that’s why it’s important to remember no one human is to blame. We’ve all been programmed by the system, including the robot overlords.


What does “unplugging” mean?

Unplugging means making the choice to disconnect from the Matrix. It means entering the real world and freeing oneself from all the robot overlord created illusions. Unplugging is an ongoing process of pulling out all the robot tentacles lodged into our bodies and minds that influence the way we think and behave. Because we’ve all been born into the Matrix they can be tricky to detect because we’ve never known an existence without them.

If it turns you against yourself, other people or the Earth, it’s a robot tentacle. If it damages your body, mind or ability to resist, it’s a robot tentacle. You can tell the truth by the way it sits in your heart and body.

The key moment of unplugging is the moment you decide you don’t want to live in the Matrix and let the robot overlords destroy our planet and tell us what to do anymore.

Unplugging is committing to the journey of discovering what is true, and what is the Matrix.  And the truth is we are all people of this planet. We all have hearts, we all have love wired into our DNA. And we all can change. Even the people currently acting as robot overlords. For more on how to do this read Handy Tips for Breaking Free from the Matrix.


What is the Resistance?

The Resistance is a movement of people who are done doing what the robot overlords want us to do and are ready to reclaim our lives and our planet. The Resistance is those who have decided to start the process of unplugging from the Matrix and work together to create a new world made by human beings instead of machines. The moment you decide to unplug, you are the Resistance. Join us!!!

But what’s the point? Isn’t it too late? Why bother? This is impossible, things will never change. Aren’t we all doomed anyway?

No, it’s not too late. This is a dangerous narrative that plays right into the robot overlords’ hands and is exactly what they want us to think. They want us to give up and think it’s too late and too hard so better to just lay down and die and numb ourselves with our addiction of choice. For example, now that climate change has become undeniable the fossil fuel companies’ new strategy to stop us taking action to stop the apocalypse is to spread the idea that it’s too late to achieve anything so we may as well just give up and not even bother.

Yes, we are in an incredibly difficult situation and the greatest crisis in the billions of years of life on Earth.  Yes, the robot overlords have created a vicious web of money, power and thought control that reaches into every crevice of the world and won’t give this up easily.

The good news is we have more power than we might think. Complex systems have tipping points that are invisible until they are crossed. Rapid shifts in consciousness are totally possible and have occurred again and again throughout human history. Things seem impossible, until they’re not. Once upon a time it seemed impossible slavery would be outlawed. That women would get the vote. That the Berlin Wall would fall. That the Roman Empire could collapse. That we would one day hold all the world’s information in the palm of our hands. And so on. Things that were once thought impossible become inevitable.

Cultural institutions only have power as long as we believe they do. The moment we stop believing, they fall apart. Human cultures change all the time. Anything created by human beings can be changed by human beings. Things can seem overwhelming when you look at these huge global problems and systems of so much complexity and moving parts. But all these huge global systems were created by individual people like you and me talking and acting together. That means they can be changed by individual people like you and me talking and acting together.

The key is to think global, act local. While you might not personally be able to take down the industrial food system, you can start shopping at your local farmer’s market and resolving to only support small businesses doing things with love. While you might not personally be able to end discrimination, you can treat every person you meet with compassion, listen and learn as much as you can and intervene when you see unkind and unfair things taking place.

Resistance looks different for everyone. Do what you can with what you have. Small actions can have ripple effects. Like a snowball gathering momentum as it rolls down the hill, everything builds on each other to create an unstoppable force.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead.

The Earth has incredible powers of regeneration and so do we. The Earth has survived asteroid impacts, massive volcanic eruptions that covered whole continents in lava and a whole host of other disasters. Life is fundamentally intelligent, creative and persistent and so are we. We are the Earth and hold the powers of renewal and creation in our every cell. As long as there is life, as long as there is love, we have hope.


Check out this classic clip from the Simpsons for inspiration.

But aren’t some people just evil jerks? Aren’t humans the problem here?

Studies have revealed again and again that humans are innately compassionate. We all need love and can give love. It is wired into our DNA. Human nature isn’t the problem here, it’s our culture that bring out the worst in human nature by design that is the problem.

The fact is we’ve all been born into a horrific system that teaches us terrible ways of behaving and relating to each other. People act with cruelty and violence and then others respond with cruelty and violence. Wounded people create wounded people. Hurt people hurt people. This is a cycle that has been going on for generations. We can end this right now by embracing love and compassion for everyone. It sounds hard, but it’s not. Treat other people the way you would like to be treated. The Matrix thrives by turning us against each other. Thinking other people are somehow different and less human than us is the whole problem and is a critical plank of robot overlord thinking. Refuse to play their game.

The problem here is the behaviour, not the person. People can be “evil” in one context and good in another. That’s why addressing the root cause of antisocial behaviours is the key to healing, not blaming or shaming or writing each other off as bad or evil. And the root cause of so many of the harmful behaviours we see today is a lack of love. That makes unconditional love the medicine that can heal the world.

Our expectations create reality. If you decide someone’s an evil write-off, they will be an evil write-off. If you decide to reach out with compassion and understanding miracles can occur. We don’t know what a person’s been through. How do you know you would act any differently if it was you? This situation sucks for everyone, even if they don’t realise it. It’s bad for the abuser and bad for the abused, nobody is happy in these traumatic kind of power relations.

The Dalai Lama is one of the foremost exponents of the value and power of compassion, read an in-depth explanation here.

​But I love smoking/drinking/ TV/gambling/social media/junk food etc etc and I don’t mind being addicted because it makes me feel good, is the Matrix really so bad?

We are not here to tell anyone how to live their lives. The wish of the Resistance is for everyone to be happy, and it’s up to you to decide what that means for you. Only you know in your heart of hearts what you REALLY want deep down and what makes you feel good as a being.

We do invite you to keep an open mind and keep asking questions, such as, if something pleasurable also comes with unpleasant side-effects that cause harm and discomfort in your heart, body and soul is it actually pleasurable?

Yes, unfortunately the Matrix really is bad and needs to go. The reason for that is the pleasures it offers to us hurt our bodies, minds and souls and don’t bring lasting satisfaction which keeps us always chasing after our next hit. They are designed to be irresistibly addictive which takes away our ability to say no and robs us of our free will. We are kept trapped in a cycle that is incredibly difficult to break out of and stops us being able to live healthy and happy lives at our full potential. It harms and kills us and our planet. It means our behaviour is being programmed by machines not us. That is the problem with the Matrix and why it needs to go: because it hurts us and because it controls us. Pulling out their evil robot tentacles that take the form of addictive and toxic pleasures is hard and painful work but needs to be done for you to live healthy, happy and free.

The good news is nobody is saying you have to give up pleasure, in fact immersing yourself in all the deep joys and pleasures of being alive is one of the best parts of unplugging from the Matrix. But it’s about finding those pleasures that make you feel GOOD in your heart, body and soul rather than diseased. The pleasures that bring lasting satisfaction and just keep making you feel better and better over time.


Your body and your heart know the truth. Listen to them and have fun enjoying how good it feels to be alive.

I’m in! Now what???

Amazing!!! Welcome to the Resistance, we are SO happy to have you aboard.

The three step plan for the revolution is as follows.

  1. Unplug ourselves

  2. Support everyone else to get unplugged

  3. Create Heaven on Earth

For more on this go here.

You can help by spreading the word to as many people as you can. The more people we can alert to the truth, the less power the Matrix holds over us. Download and print the information materials available here. Hand out flyers, put up posters and help us with a propaganda blitz to counter the dominant narrative.

Your work on healing yourself is incredibly important and a major contribution you make to the movement. By healing yourself, you help to heal the world. Pulling out the robot tentacles is hard and challenging work and can bring a lot of pain to the surface for processing, stick with it and support everyone around you to do the same. By understanding and healing the ways the Matrix is affecting your way of being in the world you become a force for positive change. You stop behaving in ways that support the robot overlord’s agenda.  You also become better able to share your unique gifts in service to the collective. You regain your innate wholeness, joy and integrity as a human being and shine a light for others to do the same.

Kindness is evil robot poison. Refusing to play the robot overlord’s game of meanness and misery is one of the most powerful acts of resistance there is. Help destroy the Matrix by cultivating the skills of compassion for yourself and all other beings. The bonus is this actually also feels really good and will bring you peace and joy beyond your wildest dreams.

There is also the fun task of getting to work creating Heaven on Earth we need your help with. This is both as a physical manifestation, but also in how we relate to each other and think about the world. Heaven on Earth can be right here, right now, if we so choose.

Heaven on Earth is all about creating a world that celebrates everything it means to be people of this planet. It is about embracing all the joys and pleasures of being alive and creating a culture and physical reality that supports and reflects this. Its about compassion, collaboration, creativity and community. So many incredible initiatives of healing, joy and regeneration are already underway, check out and participate in things like permaculture, re-localisation, community food forests, make art, make music, go dancing, grow things, do whatever makes your heart sing and feels true and beautiful to you. Spread love to everyone you meet and enjoy being a human being alive on this Earth. That is the revolution.

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