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It's time to take back our lives and our planet from the Robot Overlords

The Matrix is real and our world is currently being controlled by robot overlords who have got us locked in a prison for our minds that is destroying us and our planet. It turns out we’ve all had their hideous robot tentacles jammed in us since birth manipulating what we feel and think. It is a really terrible situation to find ourselves but the good news is once we’ve seen the truth our way out becomes clear.

It’s time to wake up, unplug and create a new reality that celebrates the joy and magic of being alive. Let’s do this!


How Does the Matrix Work?


The Matrix is designed to make everyone feel bad, mad and sad about themselves, each other and the world.

It treats us like we’re cold hard machines not soft warm human beings and makes us torture ourselves trying to fit into little boxes that crush our dreams and our souls and make us feel ugly and dumb when we’re actually all beautiful and smart.

It makes us feel helpless and hopeless and like there is no escape.

It makes us addicted to its toxic fake substitutes for real pleasures so we forget how good it feels to be alive while destroying our bodies, minds and ability to resist the traps of the robot overlords in the process.

It keeps us constantly busy, distracted and overstimulated so we’re too exhausted and confused to take a deep breath and understand what’s really going on here.

It works by turning us against each other instead of it, blaming and shaming each other instead of realising this horrible system is the problem not us.

It robs us of the special gifts that make us human which stops us from being able to imagine a reality without the Matrix.

How Do We Take It Down?

By rediscovering and reclaiming all that makes us human. This revolution starts in our hearts and minds. Love is what separates us from the machines and is our superpower in this battle.

We must unite as people of this planet. We must hold each other with love and compassion as we pull out all the robot tentacles and heal the wounds they’ve been masking. None of us chose to be born in this toxic system and we have a lifetime of brainwashing to unpack. The Matrix wins every time we turn against each other instead of it. Be kind to yourself and be kind to everyone else. We are all in this together.

We must reclaim and nurture all the special gifts that make us human: our capacities for compassion, collaboration, creativity, imagination and deep feeling. We must discover and share our unique gifts in service to the community and support everyone else to do the same.

We must embrace all the joys and pleasures of being alive and tune into the ancient wisdom of our bodies to escape from the web of poisonous illusions. How does something sit in your body? If it feels good and makes your heart sing, it’s the true reality. If it creates underlying feelings of anxiety, confusion, and discomfort it is probably a trick of the Matrix.

We must hold the vision in our hearts of the world we want and never give up or let the system tell us change is impossible. Of course they would say that, they’re the Matrix!!! And we don’t have to let them control us anymore.

We can do this humanity, it’s time for the love revolution. We are the people, now is the time. Free yourself, free the world and never give up on the dream! We have the power!

Read the manifesto.

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